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Gerard is sinds vele jaren actief in de franchise industrie. Namens de FranchiseFormules.NL Adviestak treedt Gerard o.a. op inzake de formules TAB (The Alternative Board), Mango Tree , Masters of Sales Europe, Kaas & Zo en TCollege.

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  1. jaa mir geht es auch so :)habe am wochenende ncoh mein zimmer umgestellt, regale aus und wieder eingeräumt :Dheute habe ich meinen klesredichrank dann nochmal neu sortiert, macht einfach spaß :Pliebe grüße und toller blog, ich lese ihn total gern 🙂

  2. Ah safado gatinho. grande susto que pregaste à teresa.ainda me lembro daquele pingo de gente, há um ano atrás, que resgataste da rua.era uma bola de pêlo minuscula e perdida no meio da rua.Minusculo, mas lutador e esperto como tudo.Bem vindo de volta belo gato.Já podes dormir Teresa :)Crist. Paula

  3. É óbvio que as dificuldades serão muitas, a equipa B quando disputava a segunda divisão B também não tinha resultados brilhantes, mas os tempos são outros. Espero que apesar de tudo, Oceano consiga uma época tranquila sabendo que o mais importante é formar jogadores para que no futuro possam integrar a equipa principal.

  4. Mais Rémy enfin voyons que savez-vous faire de vos dix doigts sinon nous insulter avec un clavier ? L’insulte à notre égard au sujet des tice est tellement énorme que je n’ai pas souhaité vous lire jusqu’au bout.Maintenant montrez nous quelque chose que vous savez faire, on pourra peut-être en débattre ensuite.

  5. While I do not condone the use of these programs I can understand why people use them. Book company’s band together and over charge on books. The digital books should be cheaper because there is no paper involved, and very little effort goes into the cover art… most of the time the cover is just a computer generated piece of drivel that could be accomplished by a high school freshman. Yet they still charge the same price as a hard copy? That’s just wrong. Where are the savings to the consumer?

  6. is szerencsésen hazaért…( ismerjem el, “rá is fér a házra…) Más : hogy’ “szalad az idÅ‘” (a gázóra (is) 10 éves lett (2002)- aztán “szervezgetni kell” – a mérőóra cserét,- (épp’ most e-maileztem nekik) – aztán – állítólag 10 napon belül megtörténik. ( Úgy legyen ! ) Jókat ! – (ha jól emlékszem,felétek munkaszüneti nap lesz – ) Esetleg gyakrabban ránézek a gépre !

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  8. 1. Ikä: 29v2. Ammatti: Opiskelija3. Paikkakunta: Joensuu4. Miksi luet KC ? Hyvää infoa itseäni kiinnostavista aiheista, eli ravinto ja kemikaalit siinä (ja muualla).5. Juttutoive: Se luomuruokapiirijuttu, mikä on toki jo tulossa 🙂

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  10. Dominique : L’afficher [Fouquet] seulement en vignette, donc en le miniaturisant, n’était-ce pas une nouvelle touche d’ironie ? Est-ce que je lis trop de sous-entendus ?  Euh… non, pas assez, à mon goût…â–º Rappelons que fut restauré en 1999, avant d’être réquisitionné huit ans plus tard, lors de l’ de sa … 

  11. Haha tell yourself that if you want.. But numbers don’t lie buddy. Europe has won 10 cups to South America’s 9, even with brazil singlehandedly keeping South America in the race. I know brazil is good, they’re the best team ever. Still European football is the best, they’ve landed in the top 5 spots more times than South America. Plus how many South American players does Man U have? 4. And out of those 4 only Valencia plays. The other’s are European and a Mexican.

  12. hola soy juana el mensaje no tiene nada que ver con el tema ! tengo una amiga que le hicieron un transplante del corazon y me justaria que alguno le pudiese hacer un video diciendole que si se puede o con mensajes que le den mucha fuerza para que se recupere si pudieran hacerlo que me lo manden por mail desde ya muchas gracias

  13. Anon,It was nothing to do with a lack of co-ordination and as explicitly stated in PC's post (and experienced by our family) it was the planners who stalled demolitions. For more, see "Owners wanted to demolish heritage buildings whose facades collapsed, killing 12 people, a month before the February earthquake but faced a long consent process because of public interest in the buildings, an inquiry has heard." Julian

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  15. In the end, proper stewardship and submitted instrumentality blend and who could tell the two apart?I see your point. But still, while being willing to admit that it may be a weakness in my mentality, I can’t wrap my brain around it being quite that gray. Hence my distinction between delegate and instrument.One more thing: ossify? lassitude? I’m just thankful that Firefox has a search directly to ;-)Grace, Brendt

  16. ஆமா, இரண்டு அணிகளின் தலைவர்களுà®®் உகாண்டாவில இருந்து வந்திà®°ுக்காà®™்க இல்லையா? அவங்க கதை “சூத்தில அடிச்சான் பல்லு போச்சுன்ன கதை”ன்னு சொல்லலாà®®்.. இல்லை? ஏனுà®™்க மர்à®® வீà®°à®°ே!

  17. "tam, i wouldn't have a clue, my POST was over 30 years ago and i have never heard the term before from a 'po-po' viewpoint…"Well, that would explain it, because it was only 25 years or so ago that I heard cops using it. (Of course they were older guys even then, so who knows…)But yes, you are obviously well aware that people were cooking off rounds with .38 revolvers both reholstering and on the draw (especially in the days before everybody figured out that holsters should cover the trigger.)

  18. He stays very busy constantly arguing with Roger, don't know if he has time to have a pleasant conversation or debate. I got tired of the same old lies from Rog, but I do pop in on occasion. I'd rather debate with someone that has something to add to the conversation. Beyond that I still get along with WTE as well. I just don't care to stay in the same endless circular arguments.

  19. After all of the little errors are fixed:-error messages when a video has been posted recently.-replies sometimes not working like they should etc.Possibly a youtube editior. Once a video has been uploaded you can just use a very basic editing like trimming the video, spliting the video and deleting split clips from the timeline. Not nessesary but it's just a thought and it would be unique to youtube.

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  22. That banquette is going to be drop dead gorgeous! Good for you for getting the upper hand on those light switches, and hiring someone to move them. Most people would have let them have their way, settled on a compromise and been less than satisfied with their furniture arrangement. You knew what you wanted and went for it. That’s an example for us to follow.

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  27. Susan, my heart goes out to you. I live in Costa Rica and we have a lot of problems with theft perpetrated by people on crack. It is heart breaking to look at them, you wish to help them through education, social involvements, etc… but very few actually get out of it. Crack is very addictive and many would even sell their mothers for it. It takes a lot of love and patience.

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  29. Colin & Joel:You just made a trip to the gym more enjoyable for me.What an interesting guy Colin is – and someone whose core beliefs about people and ethics I can really relate to. I also enjoyed the relaxed, conversational tone of the interview. So may podcasts feel heavily produced, forced, and DJ-like. This one sounded like a couple guys chatting over some coffee or maybe a few beers. Very easy to listen to, Joel.I’ve read some of Colin’s work before, but this definitely has me wanting to dig deeper.Well done!

  30. January 23, 2010 at 9:47 amWow! 20 minute blog posts are very fast.I spend an hour or two just researching for my interviews. My blog posts can take many hours. Maybe that is why I focus on interviews. I love the how this would focus your attention. Maybe I need get a little more disciplined. .-= John Bardos – JetSetCitizen´s last blog ..Interview with Rising Star, Adam Baker of ManVsDebt =-. Reply

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  36. I struggle with a core sentence of your blog, “When one encounters the Living Flame the first experience is not joy and pleasure but pain and discomfort.” I wonder if there is both awe which can inspire worship while at the same time dissonanace of not fulling living into His awesome love and holiness. My struggle may be the meaing of “Living Flame” according to Sain John of the Cross.Gailyn

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  50. I wish we had done newborn photos after the fact but I just couldn’t justify the cost! Yes, most of the newborn photos I took of M were dark and badly composed. I blame pain and exhaustion. If you have the money, I totally agree – get newborn photos done. We do plan on getting yearly photos done, at least and not at JC Penny where you wear black shirts and sit in front of a black wall and your bodies disappear. 🙂

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  54. Great list of goals in mind! I finally made my dream of Africa come true and now my next aim is to visit South America and Antarctica, so I’ll have been to each continent before I turn 30! I will go to East Africa with you, I only saw the South and there’s so much more I’d like to see. The World Wanderer recently posted..

  55. I'm so thrilled that you are one of my favorite blogging buddies. Your honesty, humor and insight is truly valuable to me. I have found that the greatest writers are those that blog. And you know what? The best is yet to come for you, my friend!!!I would love to talk to you…the only problem is that you would more than likely get sick of hearing me say, "I just LOVE your accent" that you'd end up hanging up on me. LOLLove the creativity of your giveaway. It's a very personal, special one.

  56. Jacqlyn Smith // March 31, 2010 at 12:12 pm Sue….I don’t think the Fraud went to Afganastan to see the troops…..that is a sleight of hand trick again….he also made a stop in London….WHY….to refuel….I doubt it!!!Encouraged to see that you, SueK and others have sharp wits about you, Jacqlyn. The “Fraud” ( cannot contain my smirk on this moniker), may have been simply delivering a message from the field (Afghanistan) to his masters in London.

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  59. Es lo grande de la blogosfera, que cada día te encuentras a PERSONAS y a su historia. Nunca imaginé que estuvieras tan intimamente vinculado a este episodio de la historia reciente de España ni menos aún que fueras protagonista en la persona de tu madre. Tu disertación me ha conmovido grandemente y sólo espero que nunca caigan en el olvido estos hechos. Los buenos siempre tienen buena memoria, pero los perversos olvidan pronto, hasta sus propios actos.Un saludo.

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  63. podria ser mas interesante si Patricia hiciese este mismo video en unos 40 años… por lo demás no veo una verdadera critica y mas bien me parece que la chica queria un pretexto para mostrarse y mató 2 pájaros de un tiro: se mostró y por otro lado dió de qué hablar a intelectuales, muchos lastimados por el texto que no es pertinente con el video y que no le deberían poner atención a la “artista”

  64. 19 February 2012very inspiring, John! “….I knew before coming, that I had come here to share the joy and love that we as musicians know is the only reality in life, and in music these can be shared….”I love this…. so true and so aptly portrayed!!Thank you for sharing your experience…and keep up your tireless, highly compelling work on world music!!“Lumos”!

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